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Improve E-Commerce SEO with Google Base

Search Engine Optimization has become synonymous with Google search. But really, optimizing for any source of organic traffic can be considered SEO. One such overlooked source is Google Products Search. This site is basically a massive directory of e-commerce products. People who search this directory are often pre-sold on products and browsing for a source to purchase them. Therefore, Google Products has the potential to organically increase your store’s online revenue.

Unfortunately, submitting your goods on Google Products Search is not as simple as submitting your website’s link. That is why I wrote the following code to get your website indexed on Google Products/Base. The data feed basically contains a list of all your products in a structured XML format. You will need to submit the data feed using the Google Merchant Center once you have modified the code to include your own products.

Here is the code for Generating Google Base Data Feed with PHP (link to XML feed). Good luck,

The Upcoming Economic Crisis, Beyond Year 2009

Unprecedented causes lead to unprecedented consequences. No amount of monetary or fiscal policy can fix the errors of the past.