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SEO and Web 2.0 Apps Development Course at Humber College

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely useful skill for anyone involved in copy writing, online marketing or managing websites. Two years ago, I worked with Humber’s awesome staff to prepare course curriculums for the SEO and Web 2.0 Applications Development course.

So like last year, and the year before that, this year I will be teaching the Search Engine Optimization course at Humber College. Students will be learning everything from website conversion metrics, link building, and grey hat seo to keyword density, mod rewrites, and sitemaps. I also show students how to leverage social media sites and blogs to their advantage. So, if you’re in Toronto, be sure to sign-up and come listen to me for hours on end!! *exciting*

Furthermore, thanks to the efforts put forth by James, Humber is also offering a course on Web 2.0 Applications Development. I am particularly looking forward to teaching this one. Students will learn how to integrate custom Google Maps, RSS feeds, Flickr photos, and Twitter into their website. They will learn how to build Facebook applications with Facebook Markup Language, and various other useful mashups. If you’re in the field of digital media, this course will be well worth your time. Sign up today!

How To Display Random Twitter Updates From Your Account


A year ago, I would have spent the first two paragraphs explaining Twitter. Today, I see Tila Tequila using it. So I will spare you the time and get right to it.

I thought I write a post on how I display random twitter updates on the top right corner of this website. This website pulls in a random twitter status from my account each time the website is reloaded (press F5 to give it a shot!). You can easily plug in the following code snippet to make this functionality work for your website as well.

View the live version of the twitter updates.

Grab the code snippet right here.

I have commented the code, so have fun modifying it. Post a comment or shoot me an email if you have trouble with it.