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iPhone Controlled Toy Gun

I spent most of yesterday shooting aimlessly around my house with an automatic toy gun I just bought.

Once bored, I decided to unscrew the chassis to tinker around with it. I thought it would be neat if I could wirelessly connect the gun with my iPhone so I could operate it from anywhere in the world.

iPhone controlled toy gun

To start off I drilled two holes just above the trigger to parse wires soldered directly to the motor – these two wires would essentially act as the gun’s trigger mechanism every time the circuit was closed. Next, I wrote a simple iPhone WAP application to send “On/Off” states to the gun’s trigger mechanism via an ioBridge connected to my server. This would in turn operate the gun’s internal motor and shoot. iPhone -> Internet -> ioBridge -> Relay -> Shoot Gun.

The end result was an iPhone controlled automatic BB gun.

Unfortunately, during the *tinkering* phase I somehow managed to damage the gun; so while the electronics interface and code is working just fine, the gun isn’t. Either way, I thought it was a fun project worth sharing.

The Social Media Renaissance

I was recently invited to deliver a full-day workshop on the emergence of social media at Humber College – Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Most of the workshop was centered around the practical and business use of emerging technologies for branding, monetizing, and syndicating content. The following presentation was used as supplementary material to provide a background on the technologies discussed during the workshop. I have decided to upload it since it might be of use to others.

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