10 Tips on Outsourcing Your Projects

The first version of Digg.com was created by a coder at Elance.com for around $200.

An idea is a ‘million dollar idea’ when it works, and fluff when it flops…this one struck gold. Today, Digg is one of the most visited sites on the internet and it is worth over 100 million dollars. The site’s success is of course the successful execution of the idea behind it; but we cannot look at Digg.com and not wonder if there are opportunities out there for us as well; if Kevin Rose can pull it off, why not you or I?

Dilbert on Outsourcing

Most of us know outsourcing can make web development, designing and software development much cheaper, and quicker. A few clicks away from us are internet business portals where One can find competent coders, writers and designers as well as other service providers. RentACoder, ODesk, Elance, and GetAFreelancer spring to mind most readily when looking to outsource work.

Why pay for a job in thousands what could be done remotely for half the price? This article shares tips from my experience with outsourcing.

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