How to Automatically Extract Key Terms from Articles

Yahoo Term Extraction API PHP Code

Yahoo! as a business isn’t doing so well. This, however, does not mean they are underperforming on all fronts. In fact, Yahoo! maintains an excellent support for developers. They have made powerful API’s available to the public. One such API is the Yahoo Term Extraction API. Developers, marketers and search engine optimizers can use this API to extract key terms from any web page or article. Yahoo Term Extraction algorithms will take care of all the intensive back-end calculations for you.

View my Demo Application.

I originally built this application using the file_get_contents function in PHP. But it is safer to use cURL in order to maintain the data integrity as well as bypass security constraints set up by hosting providers. I am making the code snippet available to everyone. Use the following PHP cURL code to extract keywords using the Yahoo Term Extraction Library:

View the Source Code

Make sure to grab your API key from the Yahoo Developer Network.

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