Introducing the Social Quran

A few weeks ago I watched “The Book of Eli“, and was inspired to do something about it. I considered learning braille, but then gave up 5 minutes later.

I decided, instead, to attempt at providing an interactive experience for those who enjoy reading books online. I felt that it would be especially neat if I could extend that experience to religious text books. So here is what I made,

The Social Quran

Essentially, readers are now able to easily share their favourite passages with others on the website, as well as with their friends on other social networks. Here are a few features:

1. Provide search option to lookup any passage in the entire book.
2. Users can log in via Facebook Connect and bookmark their favourite verses.
3. Readers can share the verses with other social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)
4. A recommendation system provides “recommended” content similar to how Amazon serves suggested books. The more people that use this site, the better it becomes at serving relevant passages.

Here’s a video walk through of the basic functionality,

I deliberately kept the overall design simple in order to minimize distractions. Please note that I cannot personally vouch for the English translation of the Quran. I did my best here, and I hope you find this website useful.

3 Thoughts on “Introducing the Social Quran

  1. Jawad, this looks like a very useful tool. Great execution! What translation are you using? I’m a big fan of iQuran on the iPhone and my favorite translation on there is Dr. Muhsin Khan’s.

  2. Arbab on 24 May, 2010 at 11:10 am said:

    Awesome man!
    you developed this in a couple of week ?

  3. yup. thanks! 🙂

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