Where is your birthday in Pi?

many digits of pi
In the beginning, there was Pi. And from there the Universe evolved into an infinity of possibilities. Today is the annual Pi day, and it also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. Suffice to say anyone born in the month of March should be proud 😀

Anyway, this year I am celebrating Pi day with the launch of a fun little application that finds your birthday amongst the first 100, 000 digits of this infinitely irrational number.

For the math nerds; the probability of finding any number of length k in a dataset of size N, also known as the Poisson Approximation of Binomial Probabilities, is 1 – 1/e^[N/10^k] x 100%. Which in this case happens to be 63% for a date of birth of length 5 and dataset N of size 100, 000. So if you don’t find your birthday in Pi, it’s because my sample size is relatively small.

Have fun! 🙂

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