Brain Wall: Web 2.0 Post-it Notes

I have been having a lil’ too much fun building back-end applications lately. One tool I felt would be particularly useful is the incorporation of “Post-it notes” on individual pages within a Content Management System (CMS) – this would allow employees to leave messages and reminders for themselves or others in the organization. Got a customer complain that you would rather procrastinate on? Stick a Post-it note on it!

Then a neuron misfired in my head: it would be pretty neat if there was a crowd sourced implementation of virtual sticky posts…an app that would let random people post random thoughts on a webpage. So I ended up pulling an all-nighter to build Brain Wall – stick your thoughts.

Brain Wall

I came across a neat startup, BubbleShout, that uses a similar concept. Brain Wall app could have other uses, such as in conferences or weddings to prompt interactions from attendees, etc. Or maybe there is no practical use. Maybe I am just dehydrated and sleep talking. I should go to bed, have fun!

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