Adding a Glossary to Improve SEO


A page containing industry relevant keywords does wonders for Search Engine Optimization as it improves the overall keyword density. It can also help index your website in the Google Dictionary. For that reason, I needed a glossary page for one of my websites. Most web developers will simply hard code the glossary using HTML. This works fine for small lists of keywords, but a more scalable solution is needed for larger sets of glossary terms. I couldn’t find a solution on the web so I coded a simple PHP script to do just that.

The following piece of code can be used to dynamically generate an ordered list of glossary terms. The developer can add additional items to the array (or pull it from a database) instead of hard coding the HTML – that should help save time and keep things clean.

PHP Script

The original idea for this was inspired by Urban Dictionary.

Here is a demo. You are welcome to use the code however you like.

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