iPhone Controlled Toy Gun

I spent most of yesterday shooting aimlessly around my house with an automatic toy gun I just bought.

Once bored, I decided to unscrew the chassis to tinker around with it. I thought it would be neat if I could wirelessly connect the gun with my iPhone so I could operate it from anywhere in the world.

iPhone controlled toy gun

To start off I drilled two holes just above the trigger to parse wires soldered directly to the motor – these two wires would essentially act as the gun’s trigger mechanism every time the circuit was closed. Next, I wrote a simple iPhone WAP application to send “On/Off” states to the gun’s trigger mechanism via an ioBridge connected to my server. This would in turn operate the gun’s internal motor and shoot. iPhone -> Internet -> ioBridge -> Relay -> Shoot Gun.

The end result was an iPhone controlled automatic BB gun.

Unfortunately, during the *tinkering* phase I somehow managed to damage the gun; so while the electronics interface and code is working just fine, the gun isn’t. Either way, I thought it was a fun project worth sharing.

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