Wii Controlled Robotic Arm

Last month, I bought a neat little robot called OWI-535 Edge Robotic Arm. I immediately fell in love!

Inevitably, though, I ended up jamming it open and hooked a micro controller into it. I used an Arduino Uno micro controller to program the arm to move in random directions. It was exciting to watch it move using its own logic!

Around the same time, I came across a cheap Wii Nunchuck on eBay. I decided to try and hack its internal gyro system to control the robotic arm. The final product was an Arduino based Wii Nunchuck controlled robotic arm. And here is the video:

If you are interested in building something like this, you are welcome to use the following resources. I am also open-sourcing the code for the tinkerer’s out there 🙂


1. Use an Adafruit Motorshield to control multiple DC motors
2. Read data from Wii Nunchuck into the Arduino
3. Wiring schema for the Non-OEM Nunchucks casino

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