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I’m a Web 2.0 Software Developer. I have designed and developed numerous social media and online community products involving mashups, mobile applications, and social widgets.

My objective is to participate in a Web 2.0 project involving a skillset in web development, online marketing and operational strategy.

Key Skills:

  • Web Development (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, X/HTML, XML, AJAX)
  • Database Administration (MySQL)
  • Online Marketing and Project Management
  • User Interface Design (Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Analysis
  • Third party API’s and Mashups (Google, Flickr, Facebook, etc)
  • API Web services and libraries (REST, SOAP, Yahoo! UI Library, jQuery, SimplePie, etc)

Employment Experience:

Software Architect for Budget Electronics

(March 2011 – Present)

Budget Electronics is a wholesale cell phone and electronics accessories distributor. At Budget Electronics, I built an SEO optimized e-commerce website. Additionally, I have created a complete CMS/CRM and Point of Sale (PoS) web solution to support the online and offline aspects of the business – together with multiple secure user logins, mobile site, social media integration, website design, newsletter management, blog editing application, inventory control, merchant accounts, sales forecast, expense reports, traffic analysis, barcode integration, contacts management, invoicing, admin support, and a host of other features unique to the business’ needs. The system was architected and developed completely by myself.

CE Professor of Search Engine Optimization and Web 2.0 Applications Development at Humber College
(September 2008 – Present)

Humber College is Toronto’s leading technology institute. I was tasked with assembling and teaching the curriculum for two unique courses available only through this particular institute in Canada. Read testimonials from my students.

  • Help students develop Web 2.0 applications that incorporate Google Maps, Yahoo! Pipes, RSS Feeds, Facebook Markup Language (FBML), Flickr and Twitter applications, etc.
  • Setting up SEO optimized blogs and websites.
  • Executing email campaigns.
  • Launching online advertising initiatives.
  • Measuring ROI using traffic analysis and conversions goals.
  • Advanced concepts including mod_rewrites, sessionIDs, .htaccess, and sitemaps.
  • Submitting websites to multiple search engines and directories.

Senior Web Developer for “Achilles Media LTD

(September 2007 – March 2011)

Achilles Media produces world class conferences, such as the Banff World Television Festival, nextMEDIA and History Makers. I executed and managed over 25 websites during my stay at Achilles. As the lead product developer, I worked with senior managers, information architects, graphic designers and other web developers to launch and service numerous innovative products.

  • Developed custom content management systems (with WYSIWYG) that significantly improved our website turn-over rate.
  • Built a B2B networking recommendation system that increased online participation by 600%.
  • Applied SEO best practices that improved search engine presence by 30% across our sites.
  • Managed outsourced products. Used Subversion for managing multiple team members.
  • Helped built applications to integrate credit cards payments with our e-commerce system.
  • Built a powerful Smarty based news aggregator emailed daily to over 25, 000 subscribers.
  • Helped execute email campaigns (phpList, ThinData, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp) and online advertising (Google Adsense, Facebook Social Ads, etc).
  • Helped build a mobile application for the conference delegates.
  • Integrated an online banner ad tracking system to improve sales.
  • Conceptualized and executed company’s social media strategy.

Chief Developer of

(Side Project)

Fuel Feed is a marketing tool that allows its users to automatically update their Twitter status with latest news from their website(s). I directed both, the design and development, of this application. Today, there are hundreds of small businesses and individuals using Fuel Feed.

  • Applied website scalability best practices to withstand traffic spikes.
  • Utilized REST Twitter API’s for content syndication.
  • Incorporated the OAuth standard for safe user authentication.
  • Built sophisticated back-end content management system to track application usage.
  • Developed a Web 2.0 inspired minimalist user interface.
  • Leveraged Delicious, TinyURL and other third party API’s for content aggregation.
  • Scoped, managed, and outsourced various parts of the project.
  • Marketed the application to various Web 2.0 social media sites and reached out to potential clients via e-mail campaigns.
  • Once developed, I assembled a team to take over day to day marketing and development of the start-up.

Senior Software Developer and Web 2.0 Marketing Specialist for Wellness Heroes Inc.

(January 2007 – March 2009)

Wellness Heroes takes a Web 2.0 approach to promoting lifestyles that improve mind, body, spirit, community and the planet. I was tasked with developing a large network of content aggregation sites for the health market. The software chronically aggregates the latest news in its respective niche market, and then allows the visitors to rank them in the same manner does.

*Details omitted due to confidentiality agreement*

  • Built automated content aggregators.
  • Built a sophisticated content management system to handle a large number of sites.
  • Incorporated best Web 2.0 practices into the software.
  • Utilized third party API’s
  • Responsible for overlooking software development by others in the team.
  • Developed back-end and front-end code.
  • Provided vital advice towards the startup’s business strategy.
  • Gained experience with high volume websites. Improved web site scalability through Amazon AS3 Cloud Computing.

Web 2.0 Coder and Marketer for Flavor Technology startup

(June 2007 – January 2008)

I was responsible for managing all aspects of the interactive project development and information architecture with minimal supervision. Agile development methodologies were employed to ensure quick project turn around. As the chief architecture, I was also responsible for ensuring that the finished product is a well documented, web standard compliant and search engine friendly network.

*Details omitted due to confidentiality agreement*

  • Project lead.
  • Development of back-end and front-end code.
  • Applied JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery and Prototype.
  • Prepared elaborate technical documentations for easy portability.
  • Contributing and implementing ideas towards building the company’s core business and marketing plan.
  • Created W3C Standards Compliant Web Designs.
  • Grained experience leading projects with development teams in different geographical locations.

Software Developer and Founder of “Shuzak – The Social Network for Geeks

(July 2006 – July 2007)

Shuzak is a technology social network for stimulating intellectual discussions within an environment that also encourages geek-to-geek networking. I organized, designed, and developed over 40, 000 lines of code. Shuzak was applauded by numerous top bloggers and its prominence amongst geeks attracted over 15, 000 sign-ups. I learned many valuable lessons from being the sole person responsible for marketing, developing, and executing the business.

  • Signed up various advertisers to monetize the network.
  • Launched an innovative “karma” based economy – users exchanged karma points in return for advertising on the network.
  • Created a custom built RSS feed based chat system (users could subscribe to the chat feed).
  • Incorporated a “live feed” similar to that of Facebook, LinkedIn, and FriendFeed to keep the users in touch with each other.
  • Built a highly scalable network with thousands of users in hundreds of groups.
  • Contributed open source code and encouraged site wide wiki based contributions.
  • Used various guerrilla marketing techniques to reach Digg’s front-page several times and attract thousands of page views everyday.

Software Developer for “Domani International

(October 2005 – February 2006)

Domani International was a software vendor for various applications. I was responsible for programming a corporate instant messenger called “HotWire.” HotWire was designed to be used by large supply-chain companies to securely stay in touch with various operation teams in the chain.

  • Developed 128 bit encryption/decryption algorithms for secure connections.
  • Designed Visual Basic 6.0 based user interface design.
  • Worked with Windows Sockets for Internet Relay Chat.
  • Developed both “client” and “server” side of the application.

IT Consultant for “Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation

(August 2002 – August 2005)

PakSEF was founded to address the growing need for education in the rural areas of Pakistan. I volunteered for 3 years to help the non-profit grow its community and support over the web.

  • Created online presence for a not-for-profit organization.
  • Launched blogs and other online initiatives to grow the community.
  • Played an active role in the organization’s strategy as member of the board.

Other Related Skills:

  • Skilled at marketing and branding internet properties.
  • Leveraging my influential social media presence for viral campaigns.
  • Authoring internet technology and marketing related articles.
  • Seeding and growing online social communities.
  • Strong project management and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Keeping track of emerging technology trends through 100+ blogs.
  • Active participant within Toronto’s startup and developer community.


Detailed references available upon request.

  • Marketing Director, Achilles Media., Toronto, Canada
  • Founder and CEO, Flavor Technology., Toronto, Canada
  • Founder, XetaByte., Toronto, Canada
  • Director of Operations, Budget Electronics, Mississauga, Canada
  • Founder, Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation, California, United States
  • Professor, Dynamic Content Generation, Humber College, Toronto, Canada
  • Founder, Domani International., Chicago, United States
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