Monetizing Facebook Applications

Read the full article over at Zdnet.

The opportunity to monetize applications resulted from Facebook’s decision to allow developers to display unlimited advertisements. On par with advertising as a source of income, some developers, like myself, have come to prefer the use of affiliate links (finding leads for eBay, Amazon, etc) instead. Part of the reason is that Facebook does not allow developers to embed JavaScript within their code; hence making it difficult to enable Google Adsense for the content. Moreover, as is the case with MySpace, contextual advertising is not targeted enough to earn sizable revenues.

The article brings to light the potential opportunities and concerns faced by third-party platform developers. If you like my article, you will also enjoy reading Marketing Ninja’s take on it; they did a great job at further expanding on it 🙂 Be sure to also check out 5 Money Making Opportunities on Facebook that was published over at Mashable.

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