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Here is an example use of a list of keywords, dictionary or glossary. Thank you Urban Dictionary :)

America: A country that claims the name of an entire continent to itself alone for no compelling reason.
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Bail whale: Someone who leaves when they are needed. (see an example of Bail whale)
Biological Footprint: The amount of offspring you bring into this world.
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Carmageddon: A state of extreme traffic backup where one becomes so frustrated they feel the world is collapsing around them. (see an example of Carmageddon)
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Dayturnal: The opposite of nocturnal. Informal word for whatever it is that actually describes sleeping at night and being awake during the day.
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Facebook Minute: An elongated and obscure period of time spent distracted on Facebook when the original intent was to merely check your messages.
Fireworks: Explosives meant to annoy your neighbors.
Freudian Click: Sending an email to someone by mistake.
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Guysmaids: A gay guy's groomsman. (see an example of Guysmaids)
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Precrestination: To thoroughly clean one's teeth before visiting the dentist for a teeth cleaning. (see an example of Precrestination)
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Text Purgatory: The time period one waits for a response to a flirtatious text. (see an example of Text Purgatory)
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Webtrovert: Someone who is a shy introvert in real life, but turns into a full-on extroverted party animal on Internet forums and social sites.